Sweety Pepps

There was a fantastic vegan restaurant here in Portland called Portobello Vegan Trattoria.  I use to frequent the restaurant until it closed purely for one major reason . . . they made a fantastic appetizer that they called stuffed sweety pepps.  Basically it was red sweety pepps stuffed with decadent cashew cheese.

Today as I drove past their old restaurant, I caught the same craving and decided I needed to make my own version of them.

Sweety Pepps Recipe:

Quart Size Container of Red Sweety Pepps (I get ours from the olive bar section from our local grocery store, New Seasons)

1 Batch of Classic Cashew Cheese

I used Nutrition Stripped’s recipe for Classic Cashew Cheese for my simple and tasty filling.

I fill a sandwich size plastic bag with my homemade classic cashew cheese.  Once filled, I cut a small hole in the corner and fill up my sweety pepps.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours to let the cashew cheese set.  Forewarning, these are super addictive and I’ve never had any leftovers yet!



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