Oma’s Veggie Dip

My grandma, whom we lovingly called Oma, used to always make her delicious veggie dip in the summer for family barbecues and potlucks. This was the first recipe I decided to recreate once I was able to tolerate onions again.

Veggie Dip Recipe:

16 Ounces (1 1/2 Containers) Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Sour Cream

1 Jar of Primal Kitchen Mayo

1/2 Large Onion (Puréed)

1 Tablespoon Sea Salt

2 Teaspoons Dry Mustard

2 Tablespoons Dried Parsley

2 Tablespoons Dill Weed

Selection of Your Favorite Veggies (I like to use carrots, celery, pea pods, red peppers, and cherry tomatoes)

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix until fully incorporated. Cover with plastic wrap and chill overnight. Serve with your favorite veggies.


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