Fancy Grilled Cheese

This is my husband’s favorite sandwich I make. It may be because this is the first thing I ever made him on our first date. It may be because he says this was the moment he knew I was going to be an awesome wife. Or more than likely, it’s just plain delicious.

Fancy Grilled Cheese Recipe:

New Cascadia Honey Gold Bread or Paleo Bread Of Your Choosing


Primal Kitchen Mayo

Gruyere Cheese

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices

Once Again Cashew Nut Butter


My grandma said the key to any good sandwich was butter and mayo. She even used to put them both on her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To this day, I still follow her advice. Take two slices of bread and put a thin layer of butter followed by a thicker layer of mayo. On the one slice of bread add one cheddar cheese slice. On the other slice of bread add the gruyere cheese. Add a thick layer of the cashew nut butter on the cheddar cheese slice of bread and top with avocado.  Put both slices of bread together and butter both sides of the sandwich before putting it into a panini press. Follow the instructions provided with your panini press for grilling times or until you see the cheese melting. Serve with a dill pickle or carrots and celery that you can dip into extra cashew nut butter.







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