Mini ‘Corn’ Dog Muffins

I cannot stop making these . . . nor can my husband or I stop eating them.  They are just that delicious.  To make these, you need to purchase Danielle Walker’s new cookbook Celebrations.  I love that they contain no corn or refined sugar so it makes me feel better eating about a handful of them.

I used Applegate’s Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dogs which I find at my local New Seasons, Whole Foods, or even Fred Meyer.

I also like to make my own ketchup based loosely on Amy’s Paleo Cupboard’s recipe for her Paleo Ketchup.  I always double the recipe since I tend to LOVE ketchup.

Ketchup Recipe Modifications (DOUBLED):

Instead of using onion and garlic powder, I use half of a medium onion and one clove of garlic.   

1/2 teaspoon of cloves (or more depending on taste)

I puree the onion and garlic in my mini food processor and add it the pot while everything is simmering.  Taste your ketchup before and you may want to add more onion or cloves depending on your preferences.

Forewarning, this ketchup is better than any store bought one I have ever found and you’ll love the taste of it!

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